Brushstrokes: Ross Ford

This is new to Right Hear, a picture column featuring the best up and coming artists from around the world. Up first is Ross Ford, an American painter living in Durham, North Carolina. His art is predominantly acrylic on canvas and focuses on the human expression. You can see all his work at the website Ross Ford Art.

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GIRL TALK: “Jump On Stage”

BIG BOI‘s Shutterbug mashed-up with PORTISHEAD‘s Sour Times and OL’ DIRTY BASTARD‘s Shimmy Shimmy Ya mashed with RADIOHEAD‘s Creep. I really shouldn’t have to say anything else. I shouldn’t, but GIRL TALK connects the two segments with SKEE LO‘s I Wish I Was a Baller mixed-up with some awesome isolated bass line. And this all ends with LADY GAGA and BEASTIE BOYS infused into some classic rock. If you’ve never heard Greg Gillis’ obsessively pieced mash-ups, this is the perfect introduction to GIRL TALK. He has a knack for pairing pop icons together in the oddest ways and coming out on top. But what’s almost more important are the statements he makes with his choices; BIG BOI, RADIOHEAD, PORTISHEAD and Ol’ DIRTY BASTARD are Gods in the indie realm who never would have met had it not been for GIRL TALK. Grab his new album All Day, his first release in nearly three years, for $0 here.

MP3 GIRL TALK: Jump on Stage

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LORD HURON: “Into the Sun (TEEN DAZE remix)”

Dimming the original, TEEN DAZE‘s remix of LORD HURON‘s light, sunny and upbeat single Into the Sun is a lot darker and clearly underwent a lot of effort toward influencing the dance party. Really starting from scratch, only maintaining the vocals, which themselves are actually manipulated, chopped and eventually run through a gambit of effects, this piece is broken down to its barest essentials, broken down a bit farther and then built back up from pieces so decidedly TEEN DAZE that the track appears riddled with its characteristics. But all the while, under all that reason to dance and all the simultaneous cinematic brooding, it’s clearly still that LORD HURON track we loved so much from earlier in the year. Success all around. Ben Schneider’s Into the Sun 7″ drops today via Hit City USA, limited to 300 copies.

MP3 LORD HURON: Into the Sun (TEEN DAZE remix)


MP3 LORD HURON: Into the Sun


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New KID CUDI: “The End (ft. GLC, CHIP THA RIPPER & Nicole Wray)”

What were the chances that in 2010 someone would successfully revisit 1990s rap and drop something more akin to THE PHARCYDE‘s Passin’ Me By than LIL WAYNE‘s A Milli? Who thought a catchy authentic bass line would power one of the better rap songs this year? In a world of 808s? Not a chance, right? Wrong. On the new KID CUDI album, The End is as ’90s a rap track as you’re gonna get. The two cameo verses from GLC and CHIP THA RIPPER are as good as anything we’ve heard this year. Super good. And Scott Mescudi himself sounds better on this beat than he maybe ever has. Bravo KUDI for casting this track; the cameos are spot on. And bravo for revisiting a ’90s sound that just seems to fit perfectly right now; nobody’s hit this atmosphere properly in ages. Throw in a catchy, sassy chorus from Nicole Wray, a lil subdued piano line and it’s oh so PHARCYDE. Kudos to this one.


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Hot off the announcement that JAY ELECTRONICA just signed to Roc Nation, JAY-E drops a hot new track titled Shiny Suit Theory, featuring JAY-Z himself. Timing is everything. In this track, JAY-E raps about how DIDDY told him it’s time to stop focusing on the underground and to win a Grammy, show hims moms what’s good. Sporting a ’70s game-show jangle, JAY-E floods the track with his trademark silk flow. Then HOV steps in, name drops Warren Buffet, talks about rising up out the projects and calls himself “the apple of America’s obsession.” This is a coming out party, with JAY-E analogizing his future to the road Sean Carter once walked; feels like JAY-E just got “made” right before our eyes.



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Video For TOBACCO’s “Super Gum” *[NSFW]*

[dir. TOBACCO]

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New Video For YUCK’s “Rubber” *[NSFW]*

[dir. Michael Reich]

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