LORD HURON: “Into the Sun (TEEN DAZE remix)”

Dimming the original, TEEN DAZE‘s remix of LORD HURON‘s light, sunny and upbeat single Into the Sun is a lot darker and clearly underwent a lot of effort toward influencing the dance party. Really starting from scratch, only maintaining the vocals, which themselves are actually manipulated, chopped and eventually run through a gambit of effects, this piece is broken down to its barest essentials, broken down a bit farther and then built back up from pieces so decidedly TEEN DAZE that the track appears riddled with its characteristics. But all the while, under all that reason to dance and all the simultaneous cinematic brooding, it’s clearly still that LORD HURON track we loved so much from earlier in the year. Success all around. Ben Schneider’s Into the Sun 7″ drops today via Hit City USA, limited to 300 copies.

MP3 LORD HURON: Into the Sun (TEEN DAZE remix)


MP3 LORD HURON: Into the Sun


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