New KID CUDI: “The End (ft. GLC, CHIP THA RIPPER & Nicole Wray)”

What were the chances that in 2010 someone would successfully revisit 1990s rap and drop something more akin to THE PHARCYDE‘s Passin’ Me By than LIL WAYNE‘s A Milli? Who thought a catchy authentic bass line would power one of the better rap songs this year? In a world of 808s? Not a chance, right? Wrong. On the new KID CUDI album, The End is as ’90s a rap track as you’re gonna get. The two cameo verses from GLC and CHIP THA RIPPER are as good as anything we’ve heard this year. Super good. And Scott Mescudi himself sounds better on this beat than he maybe ever has. Bravo KUDI for casting this track; the cameos are spot on. And bravo for revisiting a ’90s sound that just seems to fit perfectly right now; nobody’s hit this atmosphere properly in ages. Throw in a catchy, sassy chorus from Nicole Wray, a lil subdued piano line and it’s oh so PHARCYDE. Kudos to this one.


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