STAR SLINGER: “Elisabeth Fraser (COCTEAU TWINS rework)”

In case you were worrying that you wouldn’t find that fresh new hot weekend track before tonight, you can start to relax because this is it. THE COCTEAU TWINS‘ reworking of this STAR SLINGER track is, honestly, as hot as anything you’re gonna hear all year. Cinematic like few tracks are cinematic, and boasting so many battling synth clicks you might have trouble paying attention to it all, the reworked Elisabeth Fraser is the perfect cut to turn a dance floor into a volcano. The vocal play is untouchably hot. You know what I’m talking about. The second it “clicks” for you when first listening to a song like this, if you’re like I am, you can’t help but smile and look forward to your Friday night. Have a good weekend.

MP3 STAR SLINGER: Elisabeth Fraser (COCTEAU TWINS rework)


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