CHUCK PERSON: “Lightning Strikes”

Most of the chopped and screwed vocal effects we’ve been hearing have materialized in the form of witch house or drag rap tracks. And ever since S4LEM brought the sound to indie prominence, we’re seeing a lot more experimentation with the choice of effect. Don’t count Lightning Strikes among the general uses of the sound. Daniel Lopatin, of ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER and GAMES, produced this intriguing chopped and screwed version of FLEETWOOD MAC‘s Gypsy under the moniker CHUCK PERSON, just another of his side projects (are they all side projects?). Presenting itself as much less “scary,” with almost none of the spooky aspects of the chopped and screwed production we’ve heard this year, Lightning Strikes is really just an impressively calming, soothing piece of pop.

MP3 CHUCK PERSON: Lightning Strikes


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