PAINTED FACE: “Favorite One”

Appropriately titled Favorite One, this track from PAINTED FACE will shock you. We listen to a lot of “bad” music over here like it’s our job (it’s our job). And after hours of sifting through poor and sub-par efforts, wishing you just didn’t have to do that, every now and then you find something that jumps out of the speakers, right off the bat. It’s not hard to tell what’s great after the first 10 seconds, and PAINTED FACE’s Favorite One is no exception. From just the first few seconds of the song we are immediately aware that Allie Alvarado is special. Hailing from D.C. via Brooklyn and producing some of the most danceable pop we’ve heard in 2010, this track boasts an immensely talented vocalist who’s equally adept at filling out a song with a reason to dance at every corner. Check it out. She shouldn’t be little-known for too much longer.

MP3 PAINTED FACE: Favorite One


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