WISE BLOOD: “Rot My Brain Away”

There is a constant throughout the recently emerging indie genres, from Chillwave to Drag, and that is the use of slowed tempos. Don’t know why it’s happening, but the youth seems to be hungry for it, and more and more artists are embracing it. Well here’s something a bit different: WISE BLOOD‘s Rot My Brain Away. Sonically, it sounds like some sort of lo-fi drone pop, but there’s a clear, impossible to ignore R&B influence here in what is unmistakably a head nodder. And then there’s that beat, deadened and slowed to a near standstill. I can speak from experience, there’s something super hot about a dance floor after it’s slowed down a fraction, so I’m all for all these happenings in the slow wave movement. You can find this track as the b-side on the upcoming Solo (‘4’ Claire) 7″ dropping November 22 via Transparent Records. Click here to pre-order.

MP3 WISE BLOOD: Rot My Brain Away


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