KIDS & EXPLOSIONS: “There is a Burning Ball of Fire in Outer Space”

If you told me that someone mashed up SIGUR ROS and NOTORIOUS B.I.G., I would post that in a heartbeat. That’s what this is right here. Throw in some BEYONCE and BERLIN for good measure and what you’ve got is a remix of sorts that’s really super easy to listen to. KIDS & EXPLOSIONS crafted an entire album out of bits and pieces of popular song. It’s called Shit Computer. On his MySpace page, K&E adds a poignant description of his music: “KIDS & EXPLOSIONS is a boy who makes songs by stealing other people’s songs and making them worse.” On this track, titled There is a Burning Ball of Fire in Outer Space, we see that SIGUR ROS’ subdued compositions act as a stark reminder of just how bat shit amazing an MC B.I.G. really was. You can check all their mash ups with accompanying looped videos at their website. And if you go here, you can name your price for the LP.

MP3 KIDS & EXPLOSIONS: There is a Burning Ball of Fire in Outer Space


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