LIL B: “Ellen Degeneres”

This song has the potential to just blow the fuck up, and part of me wonders how calculated the title choice was; wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Ellen to namedrop LIL B on her show. I mean, you can just picture LIL B’s plan playing out: Ellen says something to her studio audience like, “you guys won’t believe this, there’s a song out now called Ellen Degeneres by Berkley rapper LIL B.” She shows a clip from the video, of those skinny white girls shaking their lil cute tushies. And every mother watching that show on their DVR is flipping the fuck out, eventually saying to their daughters something like “have you heard that song Ellen Degenerous by that rapper LIBBY with the tattoos all over his neck?! Ugh, it’s horrible isn’t it!! He’s so disgusting!!!” Done, all those lil daughters are LIL B fans for life.

MP3 LIL B: Ellen Degeneres


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