DIE ANTWOORD: “Dagga Puff”

On a day when Pitchfork responded to DIE ANTWOORD‘s American-label debut with a 5.5, we feel it’s the perfect time to shed some light on Dagga Puff, one of our favorite tracks from the rap-rave duo’s real debut LP that dropped months ago in South Africa, also titled $0$. That first LP sports a ton of material ultimately left off this new Interscope record. Actually, most of it’s gone. But that was a sick record, get your hands on it if you can. Dagga Puff is about smoking weed, only about half the lyrics are in English and when the beat finally drops, it might blow your speakers, so keep an eye on that. Interscope appears to have had reservations about letting Ninja spit “early in the morning smoke a big fat spliff, nothing quite like it like a spaceman spliff,” which is odd considering all the penises swinging around in the first video off that US album. I guess penis memes make more money than blunts. Anyway, this track would have at least added a 0.1 to Pitchfork’s lambasting from earlier today, so enjoy it.


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