Old School Fridays!! TOM TOM CLUB: “Genius of Love”

MP3 TOM TOM CLUB: Genius Of Love (1981)

This song reminds me of all things old school: Roller skating on quads, Sesame Street and 80’s street fashion. TOM TOM CLUB was a side project of TALKING HEADS members husband and wife Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz. The band name comes from a Bahamian dance hall track that TALKING HEADS rehearsed in their early years. Here on Genius of Love, the group offers the best piece in their catalog, a dance track you could practically picture DAVID BYRNE bobbing his head to. Also, you may remember that MARIAH CAREY also liked this track. The Genius of Love video was created by American pop artist James Rizzi, who has interestingly enough had an incredibly prolific, commercially successful career since creating the video in ’81. Check out these houses he designed in Germany.

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