CLOUDY BUSEY: “Pound Your Town to Hell”

I’ve kinda been longing lately for a track that employs an actual piano line, and not just the key strokes of a synthesizer. Well here it is. Pound Your Town to Hell opens with a super sunny piano line balanced by brooding strings and some nice understated drums. The vocals are gorgeous, are the focus of the song and really complement the lightness of the track perfectly. It’s kinda ironic that such an aggro song title actually represents a soft pop track. I’ll be honest, I know less than I’d like to about CLOUDY BUSEY, but from what I understand, it’s an offshoot of ICE CREAM SHOUT out of Kansai, Japan, and we should expect to hear more from them soon. Which is a good thing.

MP3 CLOUDY BUSEY: Pound Your Town to Hell


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