New S4LEM: “Trapdoor”

Amidst the growing witch house movement, one act stands out above the rest as the genre’s scariest. Not “spookiest” because “spooky” creates a cartoony image like Casper the Friendly Ghost. There’s nothing friendly about S4LEM. Screwing the fuck out of rap vocals, slowing them to the speed of a heroin drip and weaving them into seances, the Michigan trio is quite possibly the freshest sounding act we’ve heard all year. And it’s actually not really that new a sound. You may remember they dropped a twisted remix of GUCCI MANE’s Bird Flu last year. That track landed way too quietly. Now they’ve released a debut full length titled King Night, and tucked tightly into that monster is this utterly frightening composition Trapdoor. The blog community has been tossing around genre names like “witch house” and “drag” to label this wave, but it sounds so much like what we’d expect “post rap” to be that I have to believe this is that.

MP3 S4LEM: Trapdoor

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