oOoOO: “Burnout Eyess”

We are not at all shy about jocking the witch house movement hard. We dig it. And it seems like the foundation of S4LEM, ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, BALAM ACAB and oOoOO continues to put out solid tracks all while developing the movement. It is arguably music’s newest recognizable genre, mixing hip hop and electro while infusing it all with gothic tones. It’s incredibly unique; a sort of post rap. Here on Burnout Eyess, San Francisco’s oOoOO offers a nice, slow go with a little less emphasis on striking fear. A beautiful compliment to S4LEM’s more scare oriented production, and similar to the NEON INDIAN / WASHED OUT balance from last year’s rookie chillwave scene. And here with witch house, or as some refer to it, drag, the quality in the style simply can’t be ignored. This whole thing is just a testament to the fact that it’s nearly impossible to predict where pop music will go.

MP3 oOoOO: Burnout Eyess


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