New M.I.A.: “Lost/New/Crazy (produced by DIPLO)”

This is just a demo, but it’s the best thing we’ve heard from M.I.A. in a long time. And we’ve heard quite a lot from her over this past year. This track was produced by DIPLO, who on his twitter account suggested he might leak the official version, describing the track as “a lost/new/crazy song i did with @_M_I_A_” that is “only [a] demo” which he “might leak the real version” of if we want. He also claims that the “song has more sick lyrics and its classic mia vibe all u apathetic shitheadz.” He’s kinda right. I don’t know what this track is called, so I’m gonna call it Lost/New/Crazy for now. Grab it below and keep your eyes peeled for the official leak.

MP3 M.I.A.: Lost/New/Crazy (produced by DIPLO) (Demo)

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