Old School Fridays!! LL COOL J: “Jingling Baby”

Jingling, not Jiggle’n (what I used to think it was for the longest time) was the last single released from LL COOL J‘s mammoth third album Walking with a Panther. This album is chalk full of such amazing hip hop hits as Rock the Bells, Going Back to Cali, and Around the Way Girl. This is a classic early LL song, where COOL J boasts, I’m “prominent, dominant, McCoy and I’m real,” and tries the competition, saying “a minute is needed to make a phony roni bleed and put him in a bucket like it’s chicken feed.” Gangster!! The video is hysterical too; how he raps to his granny, the girls in the unitards, and my personal favorite, the beginning sequence’s old school cell phone!!!

MP3 LL COOL J: Jingling Baby

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