New NEON INDIAN: “I Really Didn’t Need You Anyway”

At a live session on radio earlier this week, Alan Palomo of NEON INDIAN stopped by Sirius offices and played a little of his new music. Sounds awesome, and it’s actually kinda ridiculous that he dropped this on a whim during a live interview. It’s just another testament to how talented Palomo is, and how important to music NEON INDIAN has become. Trust is huge in music appreciation, we need to trust that our favorite artists won’t let us down; it enables rare bands like RADIOHEAD to keep their fanbase comfortable. Nobody is comparing NEON INDIAN to RADIOHEAD, but it is oddly comforting to know that when these guys come out with a song, it’s likely to be a good one. Short of PHOENIX right now, I don’t know who else boasts such consistency. Maybe WASHED OUT. It’s a lil too early to tell. But NEON INDIAN is quickly getting there, and this is just further indication.

It appears Ronald Gierhart, the band’s guitarist, was not playing guitar at the interview. So this new song I Really Didn’t Need You Anyway will likely sound different when it eventually gets recorded. Remember, Gierhart’s guitar prowess helped transform tracks like Local Joke and Psychic Chasms on last year’s best album. While this song does sound great, it’s missing something. Even Palomo himself said the song would “undergo some heavy reworking lyrically and otherwise” prior to being recorded. Trust that he’ll do it right. Have the utmost faith that this song will sound even more awesome when all’s said and done. They haven’t given us a bad track yet.

MP3 NEON INDIAN: I Really Didn’t Need You Anyway (rough demo)


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