Old School Fridays!! SUZANNE VEGA: “Tom’s Diner”

This track is an early 90’s dance classic. The story behind this song is pretty interesting. Back in 1987, a folk singer by the name of SUZANNE VEGA released an acapella song titled Tom’s Diner. Two British producers then found VEGA’s song in 1990 and created this notable trip-hop track. The producers called themselves DNA and started secretly distributing the song to a few clubs as DNA feat. SUZANNE VEGA. VEGA’s label found out that DNA had been distributing the track with out their permission and without paying them royalties. Instead of suing DNA, the label bought the song through a third party (DNA wanted to protect their identities . . . losers), and made tons of monies when the song ultimately hit #2 on the UK charts and #5 in the US. Sorry DNA, you lost out big time. But your awesome track still lives on and for that we thank you!

MP3 SUZANNE VEGA: Tom’s Diner (1990)

Check out the original acapella

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