MARIANA & THE DIAMONDS: “Shampain (PICTUREPLANE’s Deep Dolphin Remix)”

PICTUREPLANE‘s music, whether original or remixed, is always danceable, but often too harsh for sunny day parties. So what the fuck is this?! This is a straight up pop track from UK singer/songwriter MARIANA & THE DIAMONDS that Travis Egedy soaked in his trademark production. But this is curiously distilled, as if Trav held back here, choosing to stick to the poppy aesthetic created in the original, as opposed to pulling the bubble gum to his usual dark side. This is both a testament to his abilities as he traverses the heavy to the soft, while also being huge news that he’d actually be interested in this. See, we all love pop music, it just has a knack for picking us up. PICTUREPLANE is an unlikely talent to see in here and we are honestly thrilled he’s experimenting with this.

MP3 MARIANA & THE DIAMONDS: Shampain (PICTUREPLANE’s Deep Dolphin Remix)


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