We’ve been waiting for a pop track from San Francisco’s BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD intently, and in a pairing with STEFFALOO, aka Steph Thompson, we’re finally granted our wish. From the start some months back, before Mikey Sanders began bombarding blogs with his newsworthy tracks, it was evident that his production was apt to finding a spot in our memory. If only we could hang our hats on some vocal melodies to sing with. In steps Thompson. She immediately gets inside you with her soft voice, set perfectly atop her own swell of background “woos.”

Her dueling harmonies embrace Sanders’ unstoppable instrumentation like an old flame, and just like that we witness indie pop evolution. But we all knew this kinda thing was gonna happen sooner or later. Boasting super catchy electro dance production akin to Georgia’s WASHED OUT, Starlight is a 2010 dance-party-must all day long. We always knew Sanders was talented, but this is a whole new level of achievement. In addition to being a synth maestro, he’s proven adept at playing the casting director. Cuz Thompson looks real nice in Blackbird. Real nice.


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