RABBIT PUNCH: “Lunar Blues”

As we exit the summertime, our hunger for the sun fades, the sand disappears from our feet and we begin to long for introspection. We don’t just sit still, however, because we want cinema, we want movement, we want drama. In steps RABBIT PUNCH, an act from Gainesville, Florida who a couple months back were the subject of a Stop Not Knowing campaign launched on this very site. Masters of subduing infectious melodies expertly under warbling synth drones, electric piano lines and space-age dungeon beats, these guys make another loud cry for attention with this slice of ice cold pop. Their first track Lemonade Sundream nearly tore our scalps off. This one just froze us. They’ve got our attention now.

MP3 RABBIT PUNCH: Lunar Blues (rough demo)


MP3 RABBIT PUNCH: Lemonade Sundream

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