Rumor has it SUFJAN STEVENS has traded the banjo for the synthesizer on his upcoming LP, replacing the engine that powered his meteoric rise with an electronic medium that has “mattered most” in music over the past few years. Here on I Walked, the first single off SUFJAN’s new record The Age of Adz, out October 12 via Asthmatic Kitty, we find the man immersed in his signature sound, regardless of the instrumentation surrounding him. Because SUFJAN STEVENS is first and foremost an unparalleled vocalist, unreplicated after years in a world filled with copy cats. And here his voice is truly on point. This song is less a folk jam than it is electro-pop, and not just because it’s electronic; this is a soft dance jam. This is electro. Big step for SUFJAN, but super glad his approach to the vocals, the melodies and the hooks hasn’t really changed a bit. That’s where he shines and where few others can touch him.



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