GAMES: “Midi Drift”

GAMES makes throwback cinematic electro pop that takes the listener on a journey, and doesn’t throw all its sound on the table at once, like most music in the genre. With Midi Drift, a track thats sound is as appropriate as its title, GAMES shows off what makes them different, laying a brain-burrowing drum line that tumbles throughout the entirety of the track while they build around it. They don’t stand still or create a structure where the listener lays in wait for the “hook” to repeat. Here, there’s the drum line, and it takes a journey through a nearly overwhelming array of synthesized sounds. From killer faux guitar lines to vocal drones with manipulated pitches, Midi Drift is a breath of fresh air. Fresh electron charged air. It’s also a little sexier than Planet Party, another track we dropped a couple months back.

MP3 GAMES: Midi Drift {via}


MP3 GAMES: Planet Party

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