SPIRIT FAMILY REUNION: “When My Name is Spoken”

There’s been a big trend lately where musical acts are being influenced so significantly by the past that they mirror the time in their own production and create a sorta modern indie throwback. Groups like TENNIS have brought 1950s doo-wop pop to 2010 and BEACH FOSSILS creates 1960s surf rock. But there’s one band that sounds more authentic than any other, as if their sound came straight from the past. SPIRIT FAMILY REUNION‘s music is timeless hoedown country party-pop, fully equipped with the floor slapping, violins, banjos, and hootin’ n hollerin’ from back in the day. Nick and the Family sing to the moon, at the top of their lungs, in concert, and we’re all the better for it. If you ever find yourself longing for a piping hot slice of American pie, this is where you turn. When My Name is Spoken is available on 7″ at the live shows, at NYC’s Cake Shop for $5, or you can just e-mail the band and order a copy at SpiritFamilyReunionUSA@GMail.com.



MP3 SPIRIT FAMILY REUNION: 100 Greenback Dollar Bills

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