Old School Fridays!! ICE-T: “You Played Yourself”

I have been saying for months now that ICE-T needs to make a comeback, and then I heard his pimp smooth voice as the narrator in The Other Guys and I flipped the fuck out!!! OK, it’s not the musical comeback I’d been hoping for, but at least he’s doing big things. So here’s your Friday dose of old school: ICE-T. You Played Yourself is a classic sampling of T’s gangster story telling style. What also makes this song that shizz is its sampling of JAMES BROWN’s The Boss. ICE-T is pure 90’s West Coast Gangster Rap, and therefore him hating on fake gangsters is true to his nature. Happy Gangster Ass Friday!!!

MP3 ICE-T: You Played Yourself (1989)

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