TOTAL WARR: “I Don’t Need Your Friendship” & “Gangsta Rap”

Sporting a constant tap-tap that nearly drives you crazy, but that ends up carrying you through TOTAL WARR‘s total weird world, Gangsta Rap opens with a dark, booming synth line that ebbs and flows, and ends with a whimpering acoustic guitar. What lies in between is a creative pop song employing guitar plucking as effectively as it changes the pitch of the synth. At times Gangsta Rap sounds YASAYEResque. But France’s TOTAL WARR has a sound all their own. Just check that experimental pop jam I Don’t Need Your Friendship, pairing the strumming of a guitar with an old fashioned sounding toy ray-gun, only to muddle it all under a bunch of sounds I can’t even come close to explaining. Check it, it’s an experience. Gotta be excited about stuff that sounds like this.

MP3 TOTAL WARR: I Don’t Need Your Friendship

MP3 TOTAL WARR: Gangsta Rap


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