SPIRIT TRAMP: “Tarantula (ft. SUMSUN)”

Twinkling like a fairy tale, with echoes to match, SPIRIT TRAMP‘s Tarantula is a soft, sunny pop jam that is neither expected from the act name, the song title or the image. But it is what it is, and it’s catchy, it’s got great vocals and it’s pretty; it’s just some super solid sunny day summer glam-folk that you’d be remiss to avoid. And there’s an interesting backstory with regard to the lead singer here, JT Bringardner.

I have a theory. JT, the brainchild behind this project, also appears to be the force behind RABBIT PUNCH, an enigmatic electro-goth-pop act with two songs to their name, one of which, Lemonade Sundream, is a stunner we previously implored you to Stop Not Knowing. If I’m right (and I’m almost positive I’m right), this JT Bringardner fellow out of Gainesville, FL created both of these projects and thus is an up-and-coming indie darling waiting to happen. He can’t fly under the radar for much longer. Not after producing such unique sounding, dynamic and phenomenal music as SPIRIT TRAMP and RABBIT PUNCH. So y’all on notice.

MP3 SPIRIT TRAMP: Tarantula (ft. SUMSUN) {via}


MP3 RABBIT PUNCH: Lemonade Sundream

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