SMALL BLACK: “Photojournalist”

SMALL BLACK has just demolished all expectations built in the light of their phenomenal self-titled 2009 EP. Here, on Photojournalist, the first single off their wildly-by-some anticipated full length New Chain, dropping October 26 via Jagjaguwar, the band makes another hit track. And it’s reasonable to assume that this is just SMALL BLACK offering a consistent sound that those of us who love love hard. There wasn’t an ounce of dead time on their EP. On Photojournalist, layers of electronic chops, stops and clicks bolster the breathy vocals, and it’s all super catchy. But it’s more than that. Because of some echoey background howls, soft synths and the occasional off-kilter booms and tings, the song has a filled-out dynamic feel few artists are creating right now. Bravo fellas. Can’t wait.

MP3 SMALL BLACK: Photojournalist


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