BEACH FOSSILS: “Daydream” (Live) just posted some low energy performance of BEACH FOSSILS’ Golden Age. Kinda sucks that they parted ways with Cole, the old ball-of-energy of a drummer. Maybe the band was nervous playing in Pitchfork’s office space cuz Pitchfork kinda panned their debut record hard, giving a 7.8 score to an album we gave a 95; to a record that at this point in 2010 we consider to be a serious contender for album of the year. Well, it’s not all about the studio work with BEACH FOSSILS. They developed their buzz because of their awesome live act. And trust me, that video on is not indicative of what they do onstage at all. Maybe they were nervous about getting another sub-8 for their performance or something, I’m not sure. Whatever the reason, check what they really look like on stage, from way back in February during one of Todd P‘s killer lineups that included performances by BEACH FOSSILS, THE MORNING BENDERS and SURFER BLOOD, to name a few. Killer. Here’s the band performing Daydream. Notice it’s a bit different from the album version.


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