PANDA BEAR: “Slow Motion”

PANDA BEAR‘s almost sickeningly anticipated 7″ release Tomboy is dropping July 13. You can pre-order the limited edition vinyl from Paw Tracks via It will be the first in a series of PANDA BEAR limited edition vinyls to drop leading up to the official release of Tomboy, the new LP. You may remember we posted a live version of this song, Slow Motion, the b-side to the Tomboy single, over a month ago. Here, thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear, we get a much higher quality version and now have it in MP3 format. This song is so good. I can’t stress enough how absolutely amazing we feel this song is. Number one stunner. I don’t know how much we care for the title track, Slow Motion proves Noah Lennox is a master of the progressive infectious melody.

MP3 PANDA BEAR: Slow Motion (live at Primavera Sound) via Gorilla vs. Bear

UPDATE Here’s the album version. It’s better than the live one. It’s amazing. Check those added vocal layers. Genius. If the quality sounds off to you, don’t worry. This was ripped from a leaked vinyl copy.

UPDATE II Didn’t last long before the leak was pulled. Only two more days before we get it “officially” anyway. For those of you who haven’t heard the studio leak of the 7″, Tomboy is ok, Slow Motion is one of PANDA BEAR’s best.

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