A Little S Splainin’

Hey. So I loved college. I loved college like real hard. So I just kinda kept going. Ended up graduating Law School. So now to, like, “make it count,” they kinda make you take a hard ass test called the Bar Examination. I have to take it at the end of this month. My life kinda sucks right now; all I ever wanted to do was go to college and discuss music and now this. So I have to take a break from talking to y’all and splainin’ what I’m listening to, be it tracks or albums. I’m still dedicated to y’all; I heart you fellas. But I can’t let my mind wander too far from the laws, so for about the next month please be cool with me just suggesting what I think is right to hear, and then I’ll get back to saying things later. K? Thank you.

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