Stop Not Knowing RABBIT PUNCH

There’s nothing I hate more than getting a song stuck in my head that exists only on a criminally under-viewed myspace page. That’s been the deal for the past few weeks because of this Florida band RABBIT PUNCH that I recently stumbled upon. They’re basically one-song-old, but these guys should clearly be pushed to record more. Lucky for me (and you), after applying a few finishing touches to the jam, the boys were kind enough to send over a copy of their amazing debut single Lemonade Sundream. I’m warning you right now, this song will immediately find a spot in your head and it will stay there. You won’t know when it’s gonna pop up, but it will, again and again.

Equal parts goth and glam, this gem is driven by a subtle, steady electronic grumble, garnished with infectious glammed-out synth drones, old movie sound clips, flute lines, 8-bit glitches, drum claps, lasers, sparkles and one catchy-as-all-hell haze-dunked chorus. There’s so much going on here  you will relish the opportunity to give it another listen. The chorus is truly gorgeous and it’s kinda ironic that we find it stuck amidst so much chaos. That’s what makes RABBIT PUNCH so promising. Most bands would fuck up so much noise, but not these guys; not on this track. One of my favorites of 2010 for sure. So spot-on. Now you know.

MP3 RABBIT PUNCH: Lemonade Sundream

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