SUN ARAW: “Deep Cover”

SUN ARAW is Cameron Stallones out of Los Angeles. He makes perfect, rusty 8-minute trips down paths of expertly laid hazes, bubbles, drones and reverbs. Deep Cover is dynamic. It’s delicate, ominous, intense and chill all at the same time. There’s so much sound. Sorta sounds at times like an organ trapped under water surrounded by a lo-fi chorus of layers of Stallones vocals mixed with all those floating phasers and synth lines. Giving me a similar feel to Dead Cities, Read Seas & Lost Ghosts, but not as intense or hectic; this is much more chill, a total breath of fresh air. I wanna pass out near an ocean with this as much as I just kinda wanna take it and jam out in the surf. Super cool. Catch that good video below.

MP3: SUN ARAW: Deep Cover

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