Killer New Video for CRYSTAL CASTLES’ “Celestica”

Here’s the first official CRYSTAL CASTLES video with the band members as the actual cast. A lot of fans are seeing footage of Alice Glass and Ethan Kath for the first time. Glass is gorgeous in the Kath-directed video; her blue eyes burn their way out of that deep black eye shadow. And Kath still remains distant, this time opting for the face paint instead of just covering it with his hood. This is a huge moment for the duo. This is the best song in their catalogue, and it happens to be the most accessible. If CRYSTAL CASTLES is going to infect a much larger audience, it’s gonna happen on the tails of this song. Smartest thing they could have done was attach a few minutes of the beautiful lead singer walking around a forested graveyard. Pure genius. Big things.

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