South Florida is pretty inconvenient for touring bands, especially indie bands who when starting out seek very little money, rendering trips to Miami unlikely. This all but mutes a lot of the local buzz that emanates from the tropical region because as the buzz bands stay north, the lack of national blog coverage does nothing to help expose local would-be-openers. Well, that’s a shame. Bands should really try to get down to Miami. Not only are the crowds infinitely better than the hip northeast because dancing is much more ingrained in the culture, being so carribean, but there are gems in the sand in sunny South Florida.

Take for instance Miami’s JOHN HANCOCK, the lead singer/drummer of local stalwart AWESOME NEW REPUBLIC, who’s solo project is super tropical and sticks right to your hips. On the phenomenal single Wet Added, HANCOCK assembles an addictive bass line that drives the song deep into your feet. With the addition of the drums, which HANCOCK knows a thing or two about, being both the lead singer and drummer of his main act ANR, the track takes on an island feel. Chalk up that coastal vibe to the sunshine, saltwater breeze and multicultural population of Miami. This track is so good. Figures that some of the better dancey indie pop of the last year would come from a tropical paradise, where concert goers actually dance. But the thing to really take away from this song is HANCOCK’s voice. It’s amazing here, soulful and cool and it definitely brings everything together. Bands should probably come to Miami. The locals will actually dance for you, and the city offers acts like this to fill out your bill. South Florida is more than just SURFER BLOOD fellas.


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