M.I.A.: “XXXO (ft. JAY-Z)”

I’m not the guy who gets pissed at musicians for becoming famous or for catering their sound to a larger audience; for going “poppy.” Twitter was filled with hate aimed at WAVVES’ Nathan Williams for the past couple of days because he dropped the hiss from his beach pop and thus is no longer “relevant” in the indie community. Bullshit. Those same people were blasting M.I.A.’s XXXO because it sounds like it could have been made by PINK or MILEY CYRUS. That’s not true and it’s pretty insulting. They just want to hear M.I.A. make Sunshowers over and over again. Well those same people are gonna be super pissed that M.I.A. let JAY-Z drop a verse on the track, cuz that’s soooooooooooooo mainstream.

Download the MP3:

M.I.A.: XXXO (ft. JAY-Z)

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