WAVVES’ “Post Acid” for Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound

I’m gonna come out and say that I’m really happy/relieved Nathan Williams’ immense pop talents only hit road bumps this past year, and did not experience a full-on derailing. Cuz his first album was absolutely amazing and genre-launching, and now in light of King of the Beach (which leaked briefly for like 2 minutes this week), Post Acid and other tracks heard live around the country like Supersoaker and Mickey Mouse, Williams’ second album is going to magnify his brand like few expected. This is it. WAVVES is about to transcend the blogosphere. This song is great, he’s a bit of a pop genius. Hope it’s not a message to Bethany Cosentino of BEST COAST (his girlfriend) that he doesn’t want anything serious; that he’s “just having fun with youuuu.”

Download the MP3 at Green Label Sound here


Download the MP3 via Hooves on the Turf:

WAVVES: Post Acid

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