Here it is! New WAVVES: “King of the Beach”

Well, he meant it! Nathan Williams has been saying his new album, King of the Beach, would abandon the lo-fi aspects of his beach pop that allowed him to all but monopolize the early buzz of 2009. Now that every other band seems to have jumped on the wagon, WAVVES skirts the fuzz on their second full-length, opting for hi-fi production and vocals. It’s a similar move to the one NEON INDIAN pulled with Sleep Paralysist earlier this year, where Alan Palomo shunned his own lo-fi tendencies in favor of a crisper, cleaner sound. It’s interesting that Green Label Sound, owned by Mountain Dew, has plucked both artists to produce tracks as each makes the apparent move to more accessible pop.

Update: Video removed per request of the very nice label.

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