Stop Not Knowing BRONZE

How the hell have these guys flown under the radar? They’ve been playing shows around NY throughout 2010, and they used to be DETACHMENT KIT, so it’s odd that songs like the super-unique Deep Freeze haven’t yet reached us. Well, it’s here now. This is dance rock. At times lead singer Ian Menard sounds like a mix between BRIGHT EYES’ Connor Oberst and BLOC PARTY’s Kele Okereke, kinda. On Deep Freeze, BRONZE starts with an acoustic guitar-line supported insignificantly by some drum claps and a low synth wall. Simple. Unassuming. Then the chorus blows up on your face and out of nowhere all these uptempo sounds flood in. Menard wails, “put my body on a deep freeze,” over and over again and you want to invite your friends over to dance with you. Such a good surprising song. So good. On Horses, BRONZE doesn’t tease with the low-energy beginnings of Deep Freeze. Rather, you get the non-stop uptempo drumming right up front with that catchy guitar line and Menard singing a hook right into your ear, “take a ride with me tonight, are we ever gonna feel all right?!” It’s nice to actually hear some vocals coming out of new bands these days, without relying on layers of hazy obstruction in an effort to make themselves “relevant.” BRONZE does that simply by hitting the 1:06 mark on Deep Freeze. For real.

Download the EP:

BRONZE: Bronze

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