Stop Not Knowing HARD MIX

Something’s going on down South. Legend has it the water in the Southern US region is electric, producing hazy pop from gunners like WASHED OUT‘s Ernest Greene (Perry, GA) and TORO Y MOI‘s Chaz Bundick (Columbia, SC). Well, you can add 19 year-old Noah Smith (Greenville, SC) to the mix. As HARD MIX, he produces shimmering, twinkling, hazed-out shoegaze pop bolstered by the vocals of classic R&B greats. On Alright, Smith’s stunning new single, a foggy electro drone gets right in your face from the outset. As you listen more closely, you hear various echoed beat-snippets, rising whistles, battling synth lines; there’s sound absolutely everywhere you turn. It’s incredibly atmospheric, which is beginning to be a trademark of Smith’s. Alright distinctly sounds like it’s coming from underwater. The music never stands still, and as evidenced by tracks like this, the music is constructed of complimenting layers as effectively as few others are capable. All the while, this wonderful production is accompanied by a sample of MARVIN GAYE’s If I Could Build My Whole World Around You. It works beautifully. Expect big things from Smith in the coming months. He’s super talented.

Download the MP3:

HARD MIX: Alright

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