New SLEIGH BELLS Song: “Tell ‘Em”

In typical SLEIGH BELLS fashion, the first track off their upcoming debut LP release, Treats (5/11 via Mom + Pop), is of the purest rock around right now. A slowed down, dying-to-shred, rusty guitar line runs alongside a high energy two-step beat while lead singer Alexis Krauss’ voice is super crisp and noticeably  softer than usual. This album opener, in light of what SLEIGH BELLS has released to date, finds the duo shackling themselves, playing at 30% energy. It’s a perfect introduction to the band for anyone who hasn’t yet heard them. You see their potential to blow up at any moment, a potential those who know SLEIGH BELLS know has already been fully realized. So you can be sure as shit you’ll see them turn the energy up a couple of notches as Treats exposes more of itself. Definitely been one of the most anticipated album releases of the year. This first single only makes the wait worse.

Download the MP3:


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