LOVELIFE: “1994”

This has been one of my favorite songs of 2010 for a little while now. LOVELIFE is Noah Jackson, half of now defunct GHOSTHUSTLER, Alan Palomo’s (NEON INDIAN) old-school project. Jackson suggests LOVELIFE is just a side project, and that his focus is on KIMBERLY, comprised of himself and fellow ex-GHOSTHUSTLER Shane English. 1994 is so incredibly comfortable, that’s the best way to describe it. Such a nice sound to have in your ears. The lyrics ain’t gonna change your life (“Mexican jumping beans make a family”), but the minimal, almost silent electro squeak bubbling in and out, the hazed-out drone, the soft piano line, the dead, lazy beat, the tattered synth line. It all goes so well together. And Jackson’s vocals are superb, fitting perfectly into their subdued surroundings. I’m all for KIMBERLY. So long as it doesn’t fuck with LOVELIFE.

Download the MP3 via Smoke DON’T Smoke:


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