Second Borrowed Melody Identified on NEON INDIAN’s Debut LP “Psychic Chasms”

A while back we reported that the melody to NEON INDIAN‘s 2009 hit Deadbeat Summer was borrowed from Todd Rundgren’s 1974 hit Izzat Love. We let it slide cuz Alan Palomo of NEON INDIAN improved on the original and even paid homage to Rundgren at his live shows by leading into Deadbeat Summer with a hazed-out snippet of Izzat Love. Well, it has now come to our attention that another stand-out track from this site’s #1 2009 album relied on previously produced material for its melody. The title-track on Psychic Chasms is clearly Italian artist PINEAPPLES’ Come On Closer from 1983. Just as with Izzat Love, you can say that Palomo improved on the original with this track as well. But the improvement in this case is negligible, and the excuse may be wearing thin. Still, you gotta be impressed with what Palomo manages to do with these old lost gems.

PINEAPPLES: Come On Closer (1983)

NEON INDIAN: Psychic Chasms (2009)

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