Stop Not Knowing LOVELIFE (The Forgotten Half of NEON INDIAN)


Thanks to Hipster Runoff for unearthing this story. Before he took the helm of NEON INDIAN, a baby Alan Palomo was heading GHOSTHUSTLER in Texas with his boy Noah Jackson. Below a baby Palomo learns to dance while Jackson tears a guitar apart in the background.

Well this band didn’t last, and Palomo went on to make last year’s best album, Psychic Chasms. And Noah was forgotten. Until now. Or rather, until the other day, when Carles ran his story of LOVELIFE, Jackson’s new electro-pop project. It’s pretty clear that this guy started out making music with Palomo. GHOSTHUSTLER’s progeny all sounds as though it were cut from the same cloth. What’s surprising is how nice LOVELIFE’s single 1994 is. It’s really very good, regardless of whether Jackson was in a band with Palomo or not. Good to see. Could be hard on a bro to watch his old band mate just killing it all day. Cuz that is what NEON INDIAN does. But this is really good too.

Download an MP3:


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