The teases have run their course. IAMAMIWHOAMI has released their first single and first video simultaneously. b finds IAMAMIWHOAMI offering what is essentially a slow-step synth piano ballad with some lazer tag. It’s good. Again, just give us the full version of already, it’s clearly the group’s best work. But this is very good. This is a solid track, the video is adequately weird, and adequately less teasy as it shows the vocalist in a more significant way, though still efficiently costumed.

The video offers a much bigger glimpse into the mind of the band, where the singer is wrapped in what looks like packing tape. She’s sitting at an old keyboard, tip toeing through a sort of ballad. But she’s not playing for the camera or an empty room here. Situated to the right of the singer are 3 men, all with thick beards, all with neatly parted hair, looking like Navy men stationed in the Nordic in 1903. But these guys have distorted eyes and manipulated, pointed noses. And they’ve clearly been drugged. By the music, by drugs, it’s unclear, the video doesn’t elaborate, but they’re clearly fucked. That vulnerability is kinda what we’ve been feeling for the last month or so as the preceding short snippets were being released. It is exemplafied in the drugged characters in the room. Is that us? Is that what IAMAMIWHOAMI thinks she’s doing to us?

The track maintains the warped unnerving feel of IAMAMIWHOAMI’s release of snippets that came before. This is a good sign for a number of reasons. One, the track is real good. And two, it’s a full track. Thus we can hope the band won’t revert to releasing short snippets, and that we can look forward to more singles and perhaps an album. Which is what we’re all here for anyway. As an aside, it seems like the singer’s identity may have been discovered. Word is it’s Swedish singer Jonna Lee.

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