TORO Y MOI @ Cameo Gallery (Brooklyn) (2/25/10)


TORO Y MOI @ Cameo Gallery (Brooklyn) (2/25/10)


I’m gonna chalk it up to the blizzard that enveloped New York City for why this crowd was so lame, but it didn’t stop myself and a few other geniuses from offering up some proper reactions to Chaz Bundick‘s awesome set last night at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg. In short: we danced. Playing to a fully filled but small room, TORO Y MOI created a pretty great dance party. Some of the songs were stripped-down-bare, some had the help of a drummer (albeit on a digital box), which was a first for Chaz. And some of the songs, those that most closely resembled the full compositions from Bundick’s phenomenal debut LP Causers of This, found Chaz singing and fidgeting on machines while his computer did the bulk of the beat work. The show was dynamic, but it’s still not where it could be. His album is epic, but his show is 0nly great. He’ll figure out what to do live. Maybe get a band. He should probably get a band. It’s hard to be up there with nothing but a computer and yet still demand attention. Bundick did a good job by bringing his buddy on-stage to drum for a couple of tracks, but it was just him most of the time. Still, he’s definitely one of the most entertaining in a long line of guy-and-his-computer acts that I’ve ever seen.

TORO Y MOI opened with Blessa, his breakout track, but it was a bare-boned version with only his guitar and hazy looped vocals floating in the background, really. He opened the show by creating those loops. That was a really nice touch. Just kinda like, “hi,” then boom, here’s something gorgeous. It’s a real nice change of pace to see an artist take a pretty high energy track like Blessa and just dull it, showcasing how pretty the song really is. Other highlights were Low Shoulder, where for the only time we saw Chaz step out from behind the equipment with nothing but his mic and let loose. This song sounded amazing live, and it was made all the more entertaining when Bundick started to dance onstage, away from the instruments. He should dance more, he’s really great at it and it was at that point that the dance floor really began to move. Freak Love was also absolutely amazing live. TORO Y MOI throws a real sick dance party. Just make sure you catch him, and tell everyone about him, because we can’t count on Pitchfork to help blow this kid up.

by: Brad Horenstein

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