INTERPOL to Tour With U2

After watching lead singer Paul Banks flirt with side project JULIAN PLENTI, and years removed from their near perfect 2002 debut album Turn on the Bright Lights, INTERPOL is finally back together having recorded a new LP last Spring. According to drummer Sam Fogarino, the sound is much more reminiscent of the band’s work on the 2002 debut and less of the underwhelming Our Love to Admire. Their website has a large “INTERPOL 2010” banner on the front page. Oh, and they will be touring with U2 this year. Looks like a good gig to spread the word about a new INTERPOL album. A spot opening for one of the most successful bands of our generation and a new album that may offer a return to INTERPOL’s winning ways? Took a while, but they may finally begin to enjoy the success that making an album as sick as Turn on the Bright Lights generally affords a rock band (beyond Banks dating Helena Christensen). Assuming the new album is good.

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