The recent associations between DIPLO and increasingly more-notable artists like ROBYN should come as no surprise to those of us who’ve been pro-Diplo pre-Paper Planes. DIPLO is easily one of the most innovative and engaging all-around dance producers, focusing on a wide array ranging from dub-step to brooding electro goes. Now DIPLO’s producing for about as big a rap artist as is possible in SNOOP D. O. DOUBLE G. And KID CUDI‘s got some buzz around him too. The song’s called That Tree, and it’s good-not-great, but the thing to take away from this isn’t how amazing the jam is, but that it actually happened; that DIPLO and SNOOP actually got into a studio together. The visibility of this step from the noticeability of PAPER ROUTE GANGSTAZ to that of SNOOP DOGG is enormous. The song is not amazing (not like upcoming ROBYN release, No Hassle, which DIPLO also produced), but this is SNOOP DOGG, and that suggests more chances will come for DIPLO to shine on a huge stage.

SNOOP DOG ft. CUDI: That Tree

SNOOP DOG ft. KID CUDI: That Tree (produced by DIPLO)

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