NEON INDIAN @ The Market Hotel (Brooklyn) (2/5/10)


NEON INDIAN @ The Market Hotel (Brooklyn) (2/5/10)


It’s been a minute since I’ve seen an entire dance floor erupt into nobody’s-watching-me full body lose-it dancing. But that’s exactly what happened last night at about 2:20 am when NEON INDIAN began their set, as they usually do, with Local Joke. Every single person lost it, giving their best So You Think You Can Dance try-out while the band killed it for a crowd that had certainly waited patiently enough. Maybe it was the late hour and all that alcohol finally had a chance to do its job. Maybe it was the build-up after a technically challenged set by BEACH FOSSILS (who are always great and seem to open for only blue-chip headliners these days) and a straight shoegaze go by TEENGIRL FANTASY. There was also a good hour between the end of T. FANTASY and the dance party. But despite all those reasons to dip out early, the bulk of the crowd stuck it out. Including Ryan Schreiber of Pitchfork.

Whatever the reasons, this was by far the best crowd I’ve seen since I moved to Brooklyn. Hip bros usually don’t dance. They just stand there and hope people see their mustaches. But here, probably because by now everyone’s had time to fall hard for Psychic Chasms, NEON INDIAN’s debut opus, everyone let it all out. It was breath taking. If you actually had the occasion to lift your head from your dance work, the image was awe inspiring. Every head in that spot was bouncing, tilting and swaying. Every single person. Every body. In the front, in the back, on the sides, nobody was standing still. It was amazing. You never know when something like that is gonna happen, but if you’re looking for it, a NEON INDIAN show ain’t a bad place to start. And that shouldn’t be too hard, considering the little / not-so-little secret Alan Palomo revealed to the raucous group last night: “We just moved to New York . . . so we’re your neighbors now.”

by: Brad Horenstein

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