Did THE EXPLODING HEARTS Foresee This 60s Feel Boom?


The late 50s/early 60s era has clearly grabbed indie rock by its throat. Even more than the beach has. GIRLS, WAVVES, WILD HAREM, THE SMITH WESTERNS, THE MORNING BENDERS to name a few. Even more have employed BEACH BOYS harmonies in more modern sounding indie rock. Basically everybody’s latching on.  But this should come as no surprise and it reminds me of THE EXPLODING HEARTS, a band gone-too-soon from the early 2000s who may have figured it out before anyone else did.

THE EXPLODING HEARTS were making vintage power pop years before any of these new bros.  In fact, the last album they released was nothing short of phenomenal.  Guitar Romantic doesn’t offer a bad moment and that music was so fresh and out of the ordinary for 2003 that it makes the story of tragedy surrounding the band even sadder.  That they never got the chance to expand that sound they created is a loss we music fans all experience, be it fully realized or not.  If they were still around now, THE E. H.s would be like granddaddies to this whole movement.  Maybe they’d even have a fuller sound in 2010, or a different sound, rocking out like the 1920s. Who knows?!  Bottom line, their end is all the more a tragedy because they clearly had their finger on the developing pulse of the coming indie rock movement.

Band members Adam “Baby” Cox, 23 (vocals/guitar), Matthew “Matt Lock” Fitzgerald, 20 (bass), and Jeremy “Kid Killer” Gage, 21 (drums), were killed after they were ejected from their tour van when it lost control and began to roll over on July 20, 2003.

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